Chrome Swivel Bar Stools for My Salon

By Team . December 23rd, 2008

I’m opening up a salon in near me called "Hair Today, Still Hair Tomorrow". It will be a modern and fresh alternative to the ugly, old-fashioned hair salons overpopulating my small town that are still convinced that Reagan is in office. Seriously, neon confetti designs never worked; nor will gheri-curls and frizz. I feel that it is my job and duty to save the people of this place I call home and usher them into the 21st century with great hair and a stylish salon with counter stools. I want to provide a new place for the younger crowd to be able to walk through the doors without being embarassed of being there in the first place.

In decorating my new salon, I had come up with several possible aesthetics. I could either do the simple and sleek design with clean black vinyl floors and white vinyl seats or I can choose to do the contemporary granite floor scheme with brown leather seats. Although creating a beautiful salon is incredibly important, I think that budget and space are the ulimate factors affecting my decision at the moment. Leather and granite may look nice but in the end, I simply can’t afford this option. Besides, I think that black floors and white seats are super chic.
With that in mind, I went out and found several chrome swivel bar stools that fit the description to a tee. They are fifties-inspired stools with both a padded white vinyl back and cushioned white seat. The footrest, like much of the overall construction, is made of a durable steel. As per usual with salon stools, these unique chrome swivel bar stools also have hydraulics to easily adjust the stools to the perfect height when you’re styling or cutting your clients’ hair. The swiveling capabilities add that extra versatility and functionality that every hairstylist needs.

Made possible with these new chrome swivel barstools, designing the salon of my dreams will ultimately modernize the entire space and be something that I’m immensely proud of.

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